Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tallest Lego Brick Tower Cartoon

Inspiration comes in many forms; and today this cartoon sprang to mind after reading an article on the BBC,
which you can read here. Basically the compressive strength of a single 2x2 Lego brick means they could theoretically be stacked as high as Mount Olypus, although as the engineer who discovered that said;

        'So if the Greek gods wanted to build a new temple on Mount Olympus, and Mount Olympus wasn't available, they could just - but no more - do it with Lego bricks. As long as they don't jump up and down too much.'
Dr Ian Johnston, 5/12/12, on the BBC

A graphic showing the height of the Lego tower, the height of Mount Olympus, the height at which Felix Baumgartner pulled his parachute, and the Eiffel Tower
This Diagram has been taken from the BBC article entitled 'How tall can a Lego tower get?' By Ruth Alexander'

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